At Sweat The Technique, we prioritize sustainable and joint specific methods to help your body adapt and move with greater freedom and strength. Our community is filled with individuals who share a common desire to learn and grow together.

Mobility and flexibility are not the same thing.  Mobility involves moving specific areas of the body without any compensation and the ability to own those ranges without any support.   Flexibility focuses on passive stretching to achieve greater range of motion but does not teach the body how to move into that specific range without assistance.  

In any movement, there are both passive (flexibility) and active (mobility) ranges of motion. Passive range refers to angles that are only attainable through stretching, while active range involves the ability to control movement and block any areas of borrowed capacity. This helps the area around the joint gain experience and adapt to new challenges. By improving these usable ranges of motion, we can enhance joint health, prevent injury, build resilience in the body, and enhance the function of our nervous system. Mobility training helps us move more freely and easily, enabling us to do what we love with greater ease and confidence.

Training mobility is a dynamic combination of strengthening and kinetic stretching. Work at any level to rebalance your alignment, unlock tight joints and prevent pain/injury.

Whether online or in person, these sessions will identify the hidden mechanics of your limitations.  Private sessions are 30, 45 or 60 minutes and the initial consultation is always FREE.

Looking for a personalized approach, but also need the freedom to practice on your own time? This customized option is perfect for individuals who are self-motivated and eager to put in the work.