Mobility is the practice of moving specific areas of the body without compensation.

In any movement there exists both a passive and active range of motion. The passive range refers to the angles that are only attainable through stretching. Active ranges of motion are the ability to control movement through blocking any areas of borrowed capacity. This allows the area around the joint to gain experience and adapt to what we are asking it to do.   It is these usable ranges of motion that improve articular joint health, strength/resilience in the body, and neurological control.

Sweat the Technique Studio is the in person & online resource that  helps your body learn how to adapt in a sustainable and holistic method.  Creating freedom to move and strength to sustain that movement at the same time.

Training mobility is a dynamic combination of strengthening and kinetic stretching. Work at any level to rebalance your alignment, unlock tight joints and prevent pain/injury.

Whether online or in person, these sessions will identify the hidden mechanics of your limitations.  Private sessions are  45 or 60 minutes and the initial consultation is always FREE.

Need something personalized but also want the flexibility to take it with you anywhere to practice on your own time?  This is a great option for those who are motivated to do the work on their own.