Teaching Movement With Compassion, Intention & Purpose Since 2004.​

Originally from Toronto, Natasha completed her 360-hour yoga teacher training at the age of 25 at the Downward Dog Yoga Centre under the guidance of Ron Reid and Diane Bruni, two of the most respected teachers in Toronto at the time. She quickly became one of the youngest instructors at the studio. She began studying under Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty (Founders of Yoga Works, LA) in 2005 and continued regular trainings with Chuck for over 12 years. Constantly exploring different modalities of training body and mind, her learning has always been motivated by safe and sustainable anatomical movement.

With nearly 10,000 hours teaching in Toronto’s most respected studios and private clubs, she graduated to training aspiring yoga teachers and working exclusively with independent practitioners from 2013 – 2016. In 2014 she relocated to BC and began to explore mobility training which quickly led her to Functional Range Conditioning, a method by Dr. Andreo Spina. In 2018 she became a FRC Mobility Specialist as well as certified in Functional Range Assessment and has continued to integrate this intuitive method into her practice.

With a focus on expanding perceived limitations, Natasha drives a foundational message that change is possible. Natasha specializes in working with individuals who are looking to enhance their capacity to move freely and confidently in their bodies.

With the opening of Sweat the Technique Studio in September 2022, she is most invested in connecting her community through her classes filled with laughter, sweat and tiny, but mighty, movements.


"At the risk of sounding dramatic, working with Natasha has changed my life. Training with her consistently has undone years of damage caused by sitting at a desk, and I feel stronger than I ever have before. I can't imagine how limited my mobility would have become without her, and I can't recommend her classes highly enough!"
- Tara F.
"Natasha has embraced the challenge of my misaligned, damaged and literally broken mid 50s body, wrecked by multiple sports and life injuries and wear and tear, to help me gain back my strength, agility and balance and return to fluidity and confidence in movement. She ensures the class is a fit for you and what you need to achieve and inspires me to safely push myself to improve my level of strength and ability. She keeps it varied and challenging while remaining cheerful and encouraging and her professionalism and knowledge reassure me. The classes are demanding yet somehow wonderfully fun! I feel I get more of a targeted workout in an hour's class than I would in a gym. Small, micro movements leading to huge gains. I greatly benefited from private sessions too after my last accident before returning to classes. I think of it as training for Life!"
- Sam K.
"I am in awe of the strength of practice and spirit that Natasha embodies. Through learning from her, I have grown to have an understanding and a compassion for my body (and myself), in ways I never thought possible. The softness of her encouragement in asking her students to feel without judgement, has been something I've carried with me in my practice and off my mat."
- Hilary S.
These classes are incredible. Super hard work and Natasha is a tough task master because she doesn't miss a thing! No room for cheating! She pushes you but only to your personal best and never beyond. She is motivating and encouraging. Her charm and grace help you to ignore the very hard work going on! Upon starting I wasn't able to lift my arms without pain, now I'm lifting weights above my head! Natasha is excellent if you have a specific area or an injury that you want help with. Her understanding of the body and its movements is frankly quite astonishing. I have had both chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists recommend that I consult with Natasha as well!
- Sarah R.
"It was a privilege to have been a client of Natasha's over the last few years. Her deep knowledge of the human anatomy, provided the expert and bespoke style fundamental to my overall health and well-being. As a results oriented and well versed yoga client, I highly recommend Natasha to those looking for instruction at a higher level."
- Chris S.
"Natasha’s classes have transformed my body and it’s abilities to be strong and pain free. I’ve worked with her for years and continue to benefit from it. As I get stronger she continues to make what looks like the simplest exercise challenging. Not only has my body benefited but also my soul, she always brings a solid community of incredible woman together! Nothing beats a good sweat and laughing session for the best start to the day."
- Tia M.
"Natasha taught us the power of movement in a unique teaching style that combines anatomical focus and challenging sequencing. In her presence she made us feel comfortable and at ease (especially with Ken being new to this type of exercise). We both experienced amazing benefits gained through practice that we applied to our daily training. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone, she is the best at addressing all concerns and limitations in our bodies and moving us forward in a safe yet challenging way"
- Jessica S.
"Natasha's deep understanding of the human body and her gentle way of making you work where it is not so easy separates her from most trainers. She teaches... without fluff and her passion for going deeper into the body is palpable."​
Radha K.

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